Julie is an amazing therapist!

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Why therapy with Julie?

“Julie is an amazing therapist! She is kind, warm, and very easy to talk to. She provides patience, space, and understanding. She made me feel like no matter what I came to her with, she would still be there for me. I felt like I could crack and break apart in front of her and she wouldn’t leave me or judge me. She helped me feel like I wasn’t doomed and everything I was going through was a part of the human experience and completely reasonable. She could companion me and guide me as we put the pieces of myself back together. I am forever grateful to her and the support she has given me. She has the ability to break things down into digestible, workable pieces. I have changed for the better because of her work. I have put old pains to rest and am moving forward in my life with confidence and a sense of peace because of the work I did with her.” 

Training and Experience

Julie completed her B.Ed. in 2000 and spent six years teaching in Canada, the Middle East, and the United States. After realizing that many individuals were struggling to be successful in school, Julie obtained her PBDE to become a counsellor in order to assist students in understanding their emotions and their behaviours so that they could navigate themselves towards success. After assisting students in the schools for six years, Julie obtained her M.Ed. (Psych.) in order to assist individuals in a more thorough manner in the community setting. She received her clinical training at the Student Counselling and Career Centre at the University of Manitoba under the supervision of a Clinical Psychologist.

Before starting her own practice, Julie taught several counselling courses at the University of Manitoba as a sessional instructor.  Then in 2012, she was trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) to help her clients transcend their traumas in order to live healthy, well-rounded lives with confidence.  Julie continues to learn about trauma and different EMDR techniques to offer her clients the most current evidence-based practices. She has helped many clients actually complete therapy and move on with their lives.  Currently Julie is nearing the completion of her EMDR certification.

Julie is a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, member #6242 and has professional liability insurance with BMS Insurance.

Additional Training

Attachment; LGBTTQ; Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST); Problematic Sexualized Behaviour (FASA); Working Effectively with Violent and Aggressive States (WEVAS); Mental Health First Aid; Threat Assessment Level 1; CPR; EMDR conference; Structural Dissociation; Mindfulness; Trauma-Informed; Emotion-Focused Therapy.


Why would you see a therapist?

Just like a car needs an oil-change or a tune up to ensure it runs properly, so do human-beings. Most people are just trying to make it through their day-to-day lives and don’t take the time to “tune-up” until they have fallen apart. Coming to therapy is like changing the oil in your car…we tune up your system so that it runs properly.

How does therapy work?

Therapy is like taking a road trip with someone… The client is the driver and is focused solely on one task and is unable to see the whole picture. The therapist is the navigator who can look around and provide information to the driver who makes decisions so they arrive at their desired destination. Once a client arrives at their goal, the therapist is able to exit so that the client is able to continue on their own with new understanding, confidence, and skills.

Client Testimonials

I am thankful to have met you. Because of you, I feel a little better each day.

Julie has been a godsend to me. With her help I have grown and empowered myself in ways I did not think were possible for me. She helped me identify my problems and helped me realize appropriate ways to deal with them. Thank you for your constant support Julie.

I appreciate Julie’s clarity and honesty.

I want to thank you again for all your help…you approached me with kindness and openness and it was exactly what I needed at my lowest point.

Julie is…authentic, compassionate, intelligent, and trustworthy…

Thank you for all the work you have done with me over the past 2 years. It’s hard to find someone who you connect with, but also who really understands…I think you are a very special person and a talented therapist…

She is highly skilled.

Thank you for being the most genuine, compassionate and most intelligent therapist I’ve had.

I felt a connection.

I truly feel that the work we did helped me change my ‘story’ from negative to positive. I will always be grateful to you for that.

Thank you so much for being such a constant, reliable presence in my life. You helped me deal with some pretty life-restricting things…things that have been holding me back for years.

Julie has genuine care for her clients.

Thank you for helping me see that I’m important and that I deserve to be happy…You never gave up on me…Your commitment, compassion, and care for your clients is remarkable!! I now feel like I’m leading a happier life because of the therapy you provided me.

She is empowering.

I noticed a real difference in one day…I came [into work] this morning feeling a lot more relaxed and happy. I feel totally capable of being calm and strategic. [Julie does] such amazing things for people who need help..it’s inspiring. Thank you.

EMDR is different but it works.

I just wanted to thank you for always validating my feelings, making me feel less alone and encouraging me to push myself at my own pace while allowing space and time for self care.

I will be forever grateful for you! You have provided an amazing healing that has and will continue to provide a positive impact on my life and everyone around me. Thank you for your time, your kindness and warmth and your amazing guiding skills.  You have walked me into the future I desired. You are an amazing therapist! I cannot thank you enough!

You have helped me so much. I feel more balanced with my emotions. Something I have never felt before. It has helped me tremendously with my marriage, business, and life!

Thank you for everything.  You have changed my life!

Thank you for all the support you have shown me helping me find a better path.  Thank you for the hope that my future may not be bleak after all.

When I first arrived at your office I felt like a fractured person. During our time together you’ve helped me figure out who I am as a person, have given me strength and confidence, and made me feel optimistic for what the future can bring.  Thank you for supporting and encouraging me during our sessions. You’ve helped me open up, face negative thoughts and memories, and guided me past them to the point where they no longer hurt me emotionally.