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86 – Empowerment Through Choice with Julie Long

written by Julie Long on 21/10/21

For this week’s episode, founder Julie Long, reflects on choice … how choice might empower us and how the lack of choice might dis-empower us and thus affect how we think, feel, and respond to our world.

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85 – The Power of Gratitude with Julie Long

written by Julie Long on 14/10/21

Around this time of year, it’s a custom for many to share what they appreciate about each other. Perhaps you’ve recently been on the receiving end of a thank you. Do you remember your reaction? I know when I receive a comment of appreciation it resonates with me and puts a bounce in my step. Research has shown that sharing an expression of gratitude with another person elevates the receiver’s mood but it helps elevate the mood of the giver of the gratitude. It’s a dose of dopamine and who doesn’t like feeling better?

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84 – Career Discovery & Wellness with Linda Pleskach

written by Linda Pleskach on 07/10/21

I take pride in an “outside the box” approach to identify my client’s needs and provide a creative, results-oriented method to vocational rehabilitation, career counselling and disability management. I see my role, one I am passionate about, to empathically support, connect, challenge and celebrate with my clients as they define, understand and own their strengths and limitations.

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83 – Trauma Recovery with CPT with Nicole Versluis

written by Nicole Versluis on 30/09/21

Have you ever been abused or experienced a traumatic event? Are you struggling with symptoms of PTSD? There are many ways we experience trauma. Whether you are a veteran in the military, a first responder (fire, paramedic, police), a sexual assault survivor, a childhood abuse survivor, or a civilian who experienced something traumatic, I invite you to reach out to me and start your healing journey.

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82 – Discovering Self Within Our Stories with Roni Dhaliwal

written by Roni Dhaliwal on 23/09/21

“THR” stands for truth, healing and recovery. These are gifts I want to work with you to achieve. The stories we tell ourselves dictate how we see ourselves and our relationships, and impact how we experience the world around us. I will support you in rewriting your stories to help you discover your truth, heal […]

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81 – Release & Balance with Raindrop with Nancy Champagne

written by Nancy Champagne on 16/09/21

Are you feeling like you are carrying a lot of tension in your body? Do you feel like your stress levels are high? Do you want to release negative emotions stored in your body? Raindrop can enhance positive emotions such as joy and happiness, relax muscles, reduce stress and improve immune function. Rejuvenate the mind, […]

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