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71 – Finding Hope, Navigating Mental Health During Covid with Dale Pankiw, Psychiatric Nurse

written by Dale Pankiw on 07/01/21

How are things going in your day-to-day life? If you’re like most people…the pandemic may have knocked you off balance and may be affecting your mental health.  Are you sleeping?  Do you have an appetite? Do you find you’re worrying a lot…about your job? School? Your kid’s or your parent’s health? Have you stopped talking […]

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70 – Clearing 2020 and Finding Balance & Energy in 2021 with Therese Anderson

written by Therese Anderson on 31/12/20

Here is a wonderful News Years Resolution for 2021…Learn the Healing Touch Self Chakra Connection! Are you feeling drab and or experiencing the doldrums? Are there times when you feel heavy of mind, heart, spirit or body? Most people are prone to the above predispositions because of the demands placed because of the holiday season.  Covid19 […]

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69 – ABC’s of Parenting in a Pandemic with Carmen O, Marriage and Family Therapist

written by Carmen Okhmatovski on 24/12/20

Are you struggling to parent anxious kids while your own stress or anxiety is on the rise? During the pandemic, many parents are finding themselves struggling to maintain their own mental health, and emotionally regulate themselves while also managing their kids’ rising emotions. The recent changes in our interactions with each other and the outside […]

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68 – Tuning into our Breath with Dynamic Posture with Rebecca Froese, Registered Massage Therapist

written by Rebecca Froese on 17/12/20

What is important to know about breathing? The most important thing to know about breathing is that if you are doing it right now, you are already doing a good job! That may sound trite, but we tend to put all kinds of pressure on ourselves to do everything right, and breathing shouldn’t become another […]

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67 – Living to Sit with Alexa Yuel (Dutchak), Kinesiologist & Massage Therapist

written by Alexa Dutchak on 10/12/20

If you could add up the minutes of your day, how much time do you spend sitting, and how much time do you spend walking, stretching and moving?  My guess is that most of us would have a large discrepancy between the two! Each occupation or lifestyle comes with it’s own set of problems that […]

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66 – Using our Intuition to Cope in a Crisis with Elizabeth Dvergsten

written by Elizabeth Dvergsten on 03/12/20

In times of crisis – and a pandemic is certainly a crisis! – it is important to slow down, take pause, and check in with ourselves.  How am I doing? How am I feeling?  How am I coping with the stress and pressure I’m experiencing right now?   This type of check-in provides an opportunity […]

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