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Episode 34 – Navigating Uncertain Times with Jess Winnicki

written by Jessica Winnicki on 02/04/20

Let’s feel the feelings we are experiencing and rely on old ways and perhaps discover new ones of expressing these emotions. During my quarantine I have gone through waves of being productive and creative as well as feeling overwhelmed and mournful. Through all of these feelings I have tried my best to stick with a […]

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Episode 33 – Breathwork with Joy Onyschak

written by Joy Onyschak on 26/03/20

What is Numa Breathwork?It’s a transformational psychosomatic practice that weaves together the power of conscious breathwork, somatic movement explorations, mindful somatic inquiry, and sound.   What issues do people come with that could benefit from this work? What is the typical end results after a session?People come to Numa Breathwork to assist in resolving a wide variety […]

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Episode 32 – Counselling… a place for insight and change

written by Joanne Couture on 19/03/20

“Real change comes when people are enabled to use their thinking and their energy in a new way, using a different system of thought, different language, and having fresh visions of the future.”(Dr. Scilla Elworthy – three time Nobel Peace Prize nominee)  This quote rings true for me as I think of my work as […]

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Episode 31 – Explore a 10 minute Self-Care Practice to Quiet Your Mind with Therese Anderson

written by Therese Anderson on 12/03/20

Do you have periods of scattered thinking,  reoccuring thought patterns, stress or anxiety? A Healing Touch technique called Mind Clearing can provide the focus and relaxing one is seeking when the mind needs to slow down and be quiet.  This technique is often used by healing touch practitioners to promote relaxation and mental focus.  As […]

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Episode 30 – Exploring Grief with Jessica Winnicki

written by Jessica Winnicki on 05/03/20

Exploring the Many Facets of Grief: The Importance of a Safe Space for Expression (as inspired by the works of Francis Weller) What have you been taught about grief / grieving? How have we learned to grieve in our culture? What happens when we don’t have space to grieve and mourn? What are other ways […]

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Episode 29 – Somatic Movement with Joy Onyschak

written by Joy Onyschak on 27/02/20

What type therapy do you offer here at Safe Harbour? I offer group and private lessons in SomaSensing TM , which is a somatic movement practice created by Yasmin Lambat (  What symptoms do people come to you with and what are the end results?In addition to releasing physical tension, this practice can assist in reducing […]

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