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Safe Harbour Therapy Podcast – Episode 24: Finding your Avenue of Expression with Elizabeth Karchut

written by Elizabeth Karchut on 23/01/20

Have you ever had difficulty using your voice, expressing yourself or feeling like you are not being heard? Did you know that silencing your voice/expression can have detrimental health effects?  Opening the Avenue of Expression (AOE) in you can have profound life changing effects.When I first learned of this term I must admit I was […]

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Let’s Talk Mental Health with Safe Harbour Therapy

written by Safe Harbour Therapy on 20/01/20

January 26, 2 – 4 pm at the Winnipeg Winter Club Tickets are $10 on Eventbrite.comSpend an afternoon with the Safe Harbour team and learn how to talk about, support and navigate diverse mental health issues. Eat, Learn, Win some prizes. Download the poster details here.

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Safe Harbour Therapy Podcast – Episode 23: Supporting women through pregnancy, birth and motherhood with Lori Pohl

written by Lori Pohl on 16/01/20

Struggling with aches and pains during pregnancy? How about the stress of knowing what to buy, what to eat or avoid eating, what’s safe, what’s not safe? Or the more emotional aspects? Thinking about how your life and relationships and maybe career is about to change drastically? Bringing a child into the world is a […]

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Safe Harbour Therapy Podcast – Episode 22: The Pursuit of Happiness: a 2020 New Years Resolution with Julie Long

written by Julie Long on 09/01/20

Happiness is one of the 6 basic emotions…and Shawn Achor defined happiness in his first book, The Happiness Advantage, as “the joy we feel moving toward our potential.” A new year feels like a change which can bring new energy for new ideas and new habits. A while ago, I read the book, Before Happiness: […]

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Safe Harbour Therapy Podcast – Episode 21: Stages of Healing with Alexa Dutchak

written by Alexa Dutchak on 02/01/20

Christmas tree put your back out? Lifting too many presents?  Injuries happen! Listen to Alexa’s podcast to learn how to capitalize on the stages of healing to help your body feel better again. Click here to read her full blog entry dated, September 19 2019

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Safe Harbour Therapy – Episode 20: 2020 Resolution – Waking up from the dieting dream

written by Lisa Kehler on 26/12/19

The impact of dieting on physical and mental health is not neutral, it harms both. Yet diet culture sells only promises of health and happiness. The reality is a life of constant hunger, white- knuckling cravings and obsessing about food 24/7 and then ultimately disappointment and self- blame. So why do we set an intention […]

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