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Episode 38 – The Feeling of Safety with Megan Land McCarthy

written by Megan Land McCarthy on 30/04/20

“I believe we feel safest when we go inside ourselves and find home.”-Maya Angelou Hi everyone. I know life has been a bit strange and unpredictable lately, and as a result, we are experiencing a lot of different feelings (frustrated, anxious, sadness, loss, peaceful, relaxed, etc.) and sensations (tingling, fluttering, tension, spacious, still, numb or […]

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Episode 18: Does your child experience sensory struggles over the holidays??

written by Megan Land McCarthy on 12/12/19

While many people get super excited with the first snow fall as it means the holidays are coming, for others, it is the beginning of a very overwhelming time of year. When we think about the holidays, we think of yummy food and drinks, catching up with family and friends, exchanging gifts, playing in the […]

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Planning a day at the beach with sensory struggles

written by Megan Land McCarthy on 31/07/19

For most Manitobans, summer is something we look forward to all winter long. We dream about the warm summer days, the trips to the beach in the hot sun, watching fireworks explode in the sky on the first of July, eating cold ice cream and drinking icy Slurpee’s. However, for those with Sensory Processing Disorder […]

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