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Episode 19: Therapeutic Wooden Tool

written by Heather McLeod Whitla on 17/12/19

One of the most common questions that I hear people ask, is why does Block Therapy use Cedar as its therapeutic wooden tool? Cedar has been used in the Indigenous Cultures for many different purposes for thousands of years. Anywhere from creating furniture and clothing (specifically hats woven from the roots), medicinal techniques in the […]

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Tired of being in pain?

written by Heather McLeod Whitla on 19/09/19

It was almost 4 years ago, when the father of a friend of mine suddenly woke from a coma after 8 months. What he woke up to were lifeless arms, frozen stiff hands and fingers, and next to no blood flowing throughout the arms. There was literally no life in this man’s arms. I asked […]

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Block Therapy Class

written by Heather McLeod Whitla on 03/09/19

Block Therapy is a very unique form of Bodywork practice that releases adheasions and restrictions of connective tissue, or Fascia, that blocks blood flow throughout our body.

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