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74 – Immune Support with Reflexology

written by Therese Anderson on 08/04/21

Will Foot Reflexology help if I am feeling overwhelmed? During the pandemic many people may feel overwhelmed for many different reasons. Stress levels increase. Studies have shown that stress lowers a person’s immune system. The reverse is true with reflexology therapy, it increases a person’s immune system. It is by working the reflex points of the nervous […]

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70 – Clearing 2020 and Finding Balance & Energy in 2021 with Therese Anderson

written by Therese Anderson on 31/12/20

Here is a wonderful News Years Resolution for 2021…Learn the Healing Touch Self Chakra Connection! Are you feeling drab and or experiencing the doldrums? Are there times when you feel heavy of mind, heart, spirit or body? Most people are prone to the above predispositions because of the demands placed because of the holiday season.  Covid19 […]

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Episode 31 – Explore a 10 minute Self-Care Practice to Quiet Your Mind with Therese Anderson

written by Therese Anderson on 12/03/20

Do you have periods of scattered thinking,  reoccuring thought patterns, stress or anxiety? A Healing Touch technique called Mind Clearing can provide the focus and relaxing one is seeking when the mind needs to slow down and be quiet.  This technique is often used by healing touch practitioners to promote relaxation and mental focus.  As […]

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