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68 – Tuning into our Breath with Dynamic Posture with Rebecca Froese, Registered Massage Therapist

written by Rebecca Froese on 17/12/20

What is important to know about breathing? The most important thing to know about breathing is that if you are doing it right now, you are already doing a good job! That may sound trite, but we tend to put all kinds of pressure on ourselves to do everything right, and breathing shouldn’t become another […]

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60 – Planning your next Massage with Rebecca Froese

written by Rebecca Froese on 15/10/20

Massage therapy is a powerful tool for mind and body care, but it can be difficult to know what amount and type of massage is right for you. Luckily, Massage Therapists are trained professionals who can talk to you about your reasons for seeking massage therapy and your goals, and can propose the treatment plan […]

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47 – Taking care of your nervous system using Massage Therapy with Rebecca Froese

written by Rebecca Froese on 17/07/20

What is dermoneuromodulation? It’s simpler than it sounds! Let’s break down the word: “dermo” means skin. “Neuro” refers to your nervous system. And “modulation” means change. So dermoneuromodulation, or DNM, means contacting the skin and stimulating the nervous system to create change. All manual therapy involves the skin and the nervous system by default. DNM […]

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