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54 – What is your Quarantine 15 for self care? with Lisa Kehler

written by Lisa Kehler on 03/09/20

The Quarantine 15.  Has the Covid-19 pandemic added extra stress and anxiety around your relationship with food and your body? You aren’t alone. Social distancing, working from home, gym and yoga studio closures, isolation and a myriad of other unexpected challenges we couldn’t have imagined have impacted us on so many levels. If you struggle […]

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Episode 28 – Diet Culture with Lisa Kehler

written by Lisa Kehler on 20/02/20

WHY CHALLENGE DIET CULTURE? Diet culture is a manufactured way of seeing the world where the shape, size and weight of a body is more important than its physical health or the mental health and wellness of the person residing in that body. Diet culture diminishes our personal power by promoting a widespread message creating […]

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Episode 20: 2020 Resolution – Waking up from the dieting dream

written by Lisa Kehler on 26/12/19

The impact of dieting on physical and mental health is not neutral, it harms both. Yet diet culture sells only promises of health and happiness. The reality is a life of constant hunger, white- knuckling cravings and obsessing about food 24/7 and then ultimately disappointment and self- blame. So why do we set an intention […]

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Episode 12: Natural Eating with Lisa Kehler

written by Lisa Kehler on 31/10/19

Feel better now! If you struggle with food this is why you want to explore Natural Eating with me! You’ll eat to feel better, physically and emotionally. Scarfing down a box of chocolates on the couch because you’re sad, lonely, mad or tired just won’t make sense anymore. What will make sense is figuring out […]

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Spoiler Alert! There’s No Fairytale Ending with Dieting

written by Lisa Kehler on 03/05/19

Would you put up with feeling like this in any other relationship? Move on…Write your own page-turner about BRIGHT new beginnings! Chapter 1: Sexy dieting is but a flash-in-the pan. “I’m sorry diet but this relationship isn’t working for me. I don’t see us long term, there’s too much drama and heartbreak. You’re sexy and […]

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How Mindful Eating Helped Me Find Food Peace & Freedom

written by Lisa Kehler on 03/05/19

I’m not always perfect but am so much better and the more I practice mindful eating the more peaceful my eating and my life get. Feel the difference between dieting and mindful eating. This has been my experience… Scarfing down a box of chocolate on the couch because you’re mad or tired just won’t make […]

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