Our Team.

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Acksanna Witherspoon

Couples/Marriage and Family Therapy

Alexa Dutchak

Registered Massage Therapist & Kinesiologist

Amanda Carson

Integrative Hypnotherapy

Andrea Klepatz

Counselling Psychology, Clinical Social Worker

Aveeve McLaughlin

Clinical Social Worker/Therapy

Cheryl Marks


Csilla Przibislawsky

Psychotherapist And Drama Therapist

Elizabeth Karchut

Craniosacral Practitioner

Heather McLeod Whitla

Block Therapist

H. Luella Sinha

Relational Energy Therapy/Reflexology

Jasmine Bray-Mak

Naturopathic Doctor

Jenna Hamm

Clinical Social Work/Therapy

Jenna Wakely

Registered Massage Therapist, Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner

Joanne Couture

Therapist, Brain Mirroring Tech Coach

Julie Long

Founder and Counsellor

Lisa Kehler

Registered Dietitian, Food Freedom Coach

Megan Land McCarthy

Occupational Therapist (OT), Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner

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