Episode 15: Qi Gong with Gail and Marshall Garland

written by Marshall & Gail Garland (Certified QiGong Instructors; Certified Tai Chi Instructor (Marshall)) on 21/11/19

Episode 15: Qi Gong with Gail and Marshall Garland

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QiGong means energy training or energy work. It is a form of exercise that includes Tai Chi, and is one of the five pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The easy moves are based on the body’s ability to co-ordinate movement, breathing, and mental focus for personal healing and health.

There are several different types of QiGong that we offer, the first being Therapeutic QiGong. This course consists of slow, deliberate and focused exercises that include stretching, light aerobics, massage and acupressure. They increase slowly and gradually to target muscle groups and isolated joints. Designed for recovering trauma patients, the movements are easy to adjust for people of all abilities. Because these exercises coordinate with breathing, the internal organs get constant stimulation and the entire body feels the positive effects of increased blood, oxygen and energy flow.

We also offer QiGong for emotional balance. This set may help with anxiety, depression, high stress caused by emotional imbalances, and panic attacks. These exercises stimulate the body’s energy channels and circulatory system to remove stagnation and blockages, and facilitate positive energy flow. They also stimulate the brain to help with the brain’s chemical balance.

Another type of QiGong is combined brain and body exercise. This set of exercises helps energy and blood flow through the entire body, loosens muscles and joints, enhances brain-cell communication and activates cross-activity between the left and right sides of the brain, and promotes organ harmony.

If you have any questions about QiGong, or if you’d like to register for a class, click here.

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