Numa Breathwork.

What is Numa Breathwork?

Numa Breathwork is a type of guided conscious breathwork, which is a practice to allow stress and tension in the physiology to become conscious for processing. Numa Breathwork incorporates select theories, principles and techniques from somatic movement practices, somatic psychotherapeutics, and sound healing modalities.

Why would someone see a Numa Breathwork Facilitator?

Those experiencing tension, acute or chronic stress, difficulty breathing ease-fully, chronic pain, feeling like they are ‘stuck’ in old patterns or belief systems, anxiety, and depression. This work is meant to detoxify and improve respiratory function, recognize and resolve limited beliefs, increase capacity for aliveness and pleasure, resolve suppressed and repressed emotions, deepen insight while increasing self-love and acceptance, compassion, joy and trust.

What do sessions look like?

In Numa Breahthwork, clients lie on a comfortable mat and are coached into conscious connected breathing. They are guided and supported using sensitive touch (with permission) and related affirmations, recorded music and somatic inquiry. During the session, unconscious material (i.e. tension, emotions) may rise to the surface for integration and transformation. Joy is there every step of the way to support, co-regulate and guide you through the process. Gentler modifications are offered for those experiencing sensitivities such as anxiety and recovering from trauma.

Joy Onyschak is a Numa Breathwork Facilitator (in practicum) and is an integral member of our circle of care team here at Safe Harbour.

Joy Onyschak

SomaSensing Somatic Movement Therapist, Numa Breathwork Facilitator

How does this work? What is science behind the method of Numa Breathwork?

Numa Breathwork employs conscious connected breathing (relaxed exhales and no pauses), to allow unprocessed stresses (that one’s physiology hasn’t yet discharged or integrated) to rise to the surface of consciousness for acknowledgement. With guidance, support and a sense of safety, a person is able to address them with corrective experiences while learning from and integrating them.

Interested in more research?

Numa Breathwork is informed by nervous system and trauma research, various conscious breathwork practices and a variety of somatic therapies. For more information about this specific practice, visit Numa Somatics website. For more info about conscious breathwork in general, visit International Breathwork Foundation

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Who developed this approach?

Numa Breathwork was developed by Trevor Yelich
Joy is in current study and on-going mentorship with this teacher.

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