Psychiatric Nursing

What is Psychiatric Nursing?
Psychiatric Nursing is one of Manitoba’s regulated healthcare professions that primarily focuses on providing care related to mental health, addictions, or neurodevelopmental disorders.

Why would someone see a psychiatric nurse?
Someone might choose to see a psychiatric nurse when they are having difficulties sleeping, eating, completing daily hygiene tasks, being productive at work or school, getting along with others in their life, among other symptoms.

What symptoms are addressed by a psychiatric nurse?
Psychiatric Nurses treat a variety of mental health concerns including:
Anxiety (including generalized anxiety, panic, and phobias), Bipolar, Depression, Substance Abuse, Neurodevelopment disorder, Schizophrenia (and other psychotic disorders).

How is it similar and different to counselling?
Seeing a psychiatric nurse is similar to seeing a counsellor in that the first session is about developing a relationship in which the client feels comfortable describing how they’re struggling in their day-to-day life. In subsequent sessions, the psychiatric nurse supports the client’s recovery process through the use of psycho-social interventions, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Using a bio/psycho/social approach, information is gathered and together with the client a plan for treatment is developed and implemented.

Psychiatric Nursing is different from counselling in that nurses are educated in the medical model and thus are able to support a client in regards to managing their symptoms with medication, for instance if a client is experiencing side effects. Research has shown that combining psychotherapy with medication is more effective than one approach alone.

Psychiatric Nurses are not able to diagnose like a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

Who is our Psychiatric Nurse here at Safe Harbour?

Dale Pankiw (RPN, BA, BScMH) is a Psychiatric Nurse and an integral member of our team here at Safe Harbour Therapy.

Dale Pankiw

Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN)

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