Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

What are Qi Gong and Tai Chi?

QiGong and Tai Chi are two kinds of energy work developed centuries ago in China as a means of using the body’s own resources to achieve optimal mental and physical well being.

Why would someone come to a Qi Gong class?

QiGong may appeal to people:

  • With general aches and pains related to the muscles, movement, or unsettled mind
  • Recovering from traumatic injury or preparing for surgery
  • With musculoskeletal challenges who want to avoid surgery
  • Who want to improve balance, flexibility, range of motion

What would a class look like if someone hasn’t attended before?

Standing comfortably, students learn slow, gentle, full body movements. Each person extends only as far as the body permits without pain. Gentle repetition increases range of motion, strengthens muscles, and promotes healing.

Chairs are available for those who need.

How do Qi Gong and Tai Chi work? What is the science underlying the process?

QiGong and Tai Chi are based on the way energy moves throughout the body, enabling individual parts of the body to ease and heal where needed.
Participants learn to co-ordinate these exercises with breathing and mental focus.

The internal organs get constant stimulation and the entire body feels the positive effects of increased oxygen flow.

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What are some links to research about the effects of Qi Gong and Tai Chi?

1. The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi, Dr Peter Wayne

2. List of articles on QiGong and Energy Medicine research: https://www.qigonginstitute.org/category/33/scientific-papers

Marshall and Gail Garland are our Qi Gong instructors, and Marshall Garland is our Tai Chi instructor. They are both integral members of the Safe Harbour team.

Marshall & Gail Garland

Certified QiGong Instructors; Certified Tai Chi Instructor (Marshall)

Who developed Qi Gong?

QiGong and Tai Chi developed centuries ago and, as “energy training”, is one of the five pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage (Tui Na), and diet.

Therapeutic QiGong, Liangong Shi Ba Fa we offer, was developed during the 1960s and 70s by Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming, a trauma specialist at the Government Hospital in Shanghai.

By combining his proficiency in modern medicine and scientific principles with ancient Chinese martial arts, breathing techniques, and Taoist movement practices, Dr. Zhuang created a system of simple, extensive exercises to improve health and quality of life.

Who developed Tai Chi?

The Easy Tai Chi that is taught at Safe Harbour is a series of moves taken from Yang Style, 24-Form Simplified that was developed by a team of Tai Chi masters in Beijing to bring Tai Chi to the general population as a health-giving exercise. They took 24 of the original 108 moves to make it easier and quicker to learn while still getting all the health benefits of the long form. Easy Tai Chi uses eight of these moves to help with balance, coordination, and posture.


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