SomaSensing TM Somatic Movement Therapy.

What is SomaSensing TM?

SomaSensing TM is a of somatic movement therapy that emphasizes interoception (felt sense), and placing the body at the heart of healing. It is a therapeutic practice intended to calm inflammation, chronic pain and stress.

Why would someone see a SomaSensing TM Therapist?

People with a wide variety of symptoms such as tension, stress, stiffness, chronic or acute pain, chronic disease, difficulty slowing down or getting moving, and those with hypermobility can benefit from this practice. This is also a great practice for anyone who wants to explore intuitive movement, experience mindfulness in motion, and desires a deeper connection to inner guidance.

What would a session look like?

In SomaSensing Somatic Movement, the participant is guided within and to find intuitive, nurturing movements. They are taught pandiculation (expand and release) and movements that rejuvenate and unwind the tissues. The movements are done in standing, all fours, sitting or lying down. Expect to yawn and sigh as you shift from tense and stressed out to a state of calm and softness.

Joy Onyschak is our certified SomaSensing Movement practitioner and is an integral member of our circle of care team here at Safe Harbour Therapy.

Joy Onyschak

SomaSensing Somatic Movement Therapist, Numa Breathwork Facilitator

How does this work? What is the science behind SomaSensing TM?

This practice is informed by nervous system and trauma research (Polyvagal Theory), facial research (fascia is sensory tissue and expands with stretch), biotensegrity (tissues are efficient, adaptable and able to re-shape), neurochemistry (self-soothing movements cause secretion of beneficial hormones connected to self-acceptance and self-love) and the science of practicing interoceptive awareness (felt sense is connected to improved awareness of emotions and needs).

Interested in more research?

Research has shown how nervous system regulation lies at the heart of healing and well-being. Research also shows that the best way to regulate the nervous system is the somatic way, via the body. Refer to these for more information;

Stephen Porges – Polyvagal Theory: how our body makes decisions

The Polyvagal Theory – Stephen Porges

The Body Keeps the Score‘ – Bessel Van De Kolk

Body Sense, The Science and Practice of Embodied Self Awareness – by Alan Fogel

Pandiculation: An organic way to maintain myofascial health – by Luiz Fernando Bertolucci, MD

Fascia as a sensory organ: Clinical Applications– Robert Schleip

Who developed this specific methods and practice?

SomaSensing TM Somatic Movement Therapy was developed by Yasmin Lambat
Joy is in current study and on-going mentorship with this teacher.


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