Spoiler Alert! There’s No Fairytale Ending with Dieting

written by Lisa Kehler (Registered Dietitian (RD), Life & Wellness Coach) on 03/05/19

Would you put up with feeling like this in any other relationship? Move on…Write your own page-turner about BRIGHT new beginnings!

Chapter 1: Sexy dieting is but a flash-in-the pan.
“I’m sorry diet but this relationship isn’t working for me. I don’t see us long term, there’s too much drama and heartbreak. You’re sexy and full of promises about the things we’ll do in the future but I want to live now. This rollercoaster on and off again relationship just isn’t for me anymore.”

Yes, it is YOU and NOT ME. I need a relationship that’s healthy, energizing and joyful. A partnership that will sustain itself for a long and happy life. I realize I deserve better, and I’m going to find out what better means for me.

I’ve left the painful reminders of you on the step; scale, calculator, diet plans, books, reference pants and the tight undies. The ones wore only to remind me of why I shouldn’t eat. I don’t plan on worrying about pantylines in my new unrestricted life. I’ll be out shopping for comfortable undies I like.

I’m pretty fabulous as I am. Sorry you didn’t notice.

Chapter 2: Mindful eating- more substance, less flash.
“Hey mindful eating, I can’t believe you’re still available! You’ve been in front of me all along. I had to take some time to understand what I’m really looking for and what matters to me.”

I kind of lost myself trying to fit into someone else’s mold for me and my eating. It just got too painful and I didn’t recognize myself or my life anymore.

You love me right now as I am. You respect my intelligence, experience, choices and wisdom and want the best for me, for my health and my pleasure. And I know you are patient, forgiving and here forever.

I want the whole package for body, mind and spirit, I see that now. We’ll journey together with trust, have lots of good times (and great food) without guilt or fear. Can we connect and really start getting to know one another? Maybe go for a walk and if we feel like it get an ice cream? Of course mindful eating accepted. (there would be ice cream after all)

The end (and the new beginning).

Epilogue: They lived happily ever after. Mostly.
Okay, they were happy MOST of the time anyway. Like in any relationship challenging situations arose. And maybe for a moment trust got a little shaky. They were committed and ready for these moments, they had tools. These were used as brilliant opportunities to grow and learn more about one another, to deepen their relationship. And this is how they created the trust they needed to go the distance, live in the moment and enjoy the journey.



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