Parenting Issues.

Parenting is the most difficult job that many people have and yet haven’t been educated or trained to do. Most people parent according to the way they were or were not parented as a child. Many parents feel exasperated and want a rule book to tell them want to do! Since most people are parents, some feel comfortable commenting on how others are parenting. It may feel like you are exposed to judgment when you are in the grocery store and your child is having a tantrum, or how your teenager is styling themselves when they leave the house.

Some people struggle to become parents and have to take a round-about journey to have children. That journey can involve infertility, grief/loss, marital conflict, traumatizing medical experiences, adoption, fostering, and more. Other parents may struggle with medical conditions when their child is born or throughout their lives which opens them up to their own forms of grief, medical appointments, marital conflict, anxiety and depression. Being supported along the way helps to alleviate distress.

Our body is made up of many systems that work congruently. Each approach addresses the individual as a whole and thus each system; however, we’ve separated the services to simplify the selection process. Please click on the service to find the practitioner to support you in healing the way you are currently feel stuck in your parenting journey.

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