Pregnancy is one of the biggest life events a woman (and those close to her) will go through in her life. It changes how she feels in her body, how she moves her body, how she identifies who she is being in her body. It can affect how she is able to manage her emotions with herself, her loved ones, and about her life changing in a way she is unable to predict. Not only does a women have to manage her body and relationships but her job and taking maternity leave. Will her job be there for when she gets back? Does she want to go back to work? How will she manage life after baby? How is her partner handling the big change? What if you are vegan – how do you nourish your body so your baby’s needs are met? What if there is a pregnancy loss or an unexpected diagnosis along the way? What about labour and breastfeeding? There are so many changes to navigate and that can feel overwhelming!

At Safe Harbour Therapy, we have a variety of practitioners who can help you navigate through these changes.

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