Csilla Przibislawsky

Psychotherapist And Drama Therapist (MA, RDT, CCC)

Authentic Movement is a practice of embodied listening and awareness.  In turning attention to inner impulse and following one impulse to the next, we begin to trust our body’s way of communicating with us through sensation, emotion, and imagery.  As we know, everything that has ever happened to us continues to reside in the tissues of our body, and by deeply listening to our bodies we allow for unresolved material (memories, repressed emotions, lost parts of the self) to surface and come to our awareness.


In the words of Daphne Lowell, “ We come together in a group.  We come to find out what is already in us, waiting for us.  We come knowing we don’t know what we will do, what we will find.  We come for refreshment, revelation, rest, recuperation.  We come for open time, unprogrammed time, in our bodies and in our inner worlds – the unconscious, the imagination, the soul, the psyche, the bones, and the excitements and joys as well as our complaints and pains;  we bring our energy abounding as well as our fatigue.  We bring our questions into the body, looking for answers in the movement itself.  We pay attention to ourselves and each other.  We leave renewed, carrying our experiences with us in our bodies, into our lives in the world.


I have over 20 years experience. My specialties include verbal methods of psychotherapy, Drama Therapy, body-based approaches and trauma treatment methods including EMDR. I also have extensive training and experience in the assessment and treatment of Attachment disruptions and disorders.

Therapeutic approaches offered.

  • Authentic Movement




Payments AcceptedBank transfer, Cash, Cheque
Accepted Insurance PlansBlue Cross

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NameCsilla Przibislawsky
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