Jenna Hamm

Clinical Social Work/Therapy

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, conflict in your relationships, using harmful coping strategies, and missing out on the joyful life that you deserve? It can be tough to face these challenges alone but therapy can help us to learn and grow from our pain. I would be honoured to walk through the storm with you and support you on your healing journey.

How I can help.

In addition to talk and play-based therapies, I use EMDR and mindfulness techniques. My philosophy is this: once we begin to reflect upon our past in the presence of a trusted therapist and along with newly acquired coping skills, we can begin to think, feel, and behave on the basis of these reflections rather than the experiences themselves.

My story.

I have faced a number of traumas in my life, many of which I was able to minimize and ignore. When my first child was born sleeping, my worldview and all of my earlier-learned coping strategies were forced to change. I learned the power of love and loss, the importance of expression, and the healing that happens when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in the presence of healthy support systems. My hope is to be able to hold space for others to share their stories and to support a healing process through relationship, reflection, and psychoeducation.

Life outside the office.

In addition to my passion for providing therapeutic services, I practice and teach yoga. I believe in the healing power of food and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing nourishing meals for my family. My two year old son is the light of my life and keeps my home life beautifully chaotic.


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self-esteem

Areas I can assist with.

  • ADHD
  • Addiction
  • Behavior Problems
  • Divorce
  • Family Conflict
  • Grief
  • Infidelity
  • Infertility
  • Parenting
  • Pregnancy, Prenatel, Post-partum
  • Peer Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Stress
  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Violence

Therapies offered.

  • EMDR
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Emotion-Focused Therapy
  • Attachment Therapy
  • Play-Based Therapy
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Trauma-Focused
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
  • Strengths-Based


Working from a trauma-informed, attachment lens, and applying neuroscientific knowledge to my practice, enables me to work with a wide range of clients, from early childhood into late adulthood, because these perspectives apply to all human beings.
I strive for inclusivity and cultural sensitivity in my practice and am open to working with individuals, dyads, families, and groups.


“I’ve seen more than a dozen therapists/mental health workers/psychiatrists/psychologists over the years. Not all were good experiences. Jenna is one of the best that I’ve ever been to, if not the best. She is very warm, welcoming, empathetic, sensitive and thoughtful. I enjoyed her company, she made me feel very comfortable and accepted early on. With past therapists I’ve often gotten stuck, where I felt like they didn’t know how to help me or how to proceed with therapy, but I didn’t feel that way with Jenna, I felt like I was in good hands. Our sessions flew by, we never ran out of things to talk about.”


Years in Practice9
SchoolUniversity of Manitoba
Year Graduated2010

Additional credentials.

Manitoba College of Social Workers2018
Yoga Center of Winnipeg2012


Average cost per session$100/hr + GST
Sliding scaleNo
Free 20 minute consultation?Yes. By phone.
Accepted payment methodsDebit, Credit, Cash, Cheque
Accepts coverage?No
Liability Insurance provider and expiration dateIBM, Dec 2019

Contact information.

Here to Help.

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