Joy Onyschak

SomaSensing Somatic Movement Therapist, Numa Breathwork Facilitator

Join Joy for body-based, interoceptive practices meant to balance your nervous system, rejuvenate your tissues, release stress and tension and access inner calm.

Develop your embodied self-awareness to improve self-regulation and increase your capacity for resiliency in daily life. Empower yourself through movement, breath and self-connection.

My story.

My own experience with traumatic loss, corporate burnout, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (depression) led me to acquire knowledge and practices that returned me to my wellness and wholeness. My passion is to share what I’ve learned and empower people to live their best life.

Life outside the office.

I enjoy outdoor activity (jogging, snowshoeing, cross country skiing) and value time with family and friends. I’m enjoying the ‘householder years’ raising my two teenagers alongside my husband, Matt. In the warm months, I can be found landscaping my yard, camping, or on my paddle board.


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SomaSensing Somatic Movement

Those looking for a gentle, simple approach to movement that are experiencing stiffness and tension, a constantly busy and scattered mind, stress, apathy, and chronic pain and health conditions. This practice is great for anyone who wants to move intuitively, find more suppleness in their tissues, and access calm.


Numa Breathwork

This practice is for those interested in bringing unconscious, unprocessed material to the surface in a mindful, compassionate way for acknowledgement, integration and transformation. It is a practice for those who are ready for deeper self-awareness and insight into their nature.

Therapeutic Approaches offered.

SomaSensing Somatic Movement Therapy and Numa Breathwork.


Average cost per session$80/hr, $120/90 min
Sliding scaleYes
Free 20 minute consultation? (in person or phone)Yes
Accepted payment methodsCash, e-transfer, cheque, PayPal, Credit Card
Accepts coverage?No
Liability Insurance provider and expiration dateMed Three Insurance Group, May 202


Certified in SomaSensing Somatic Movement Therapy (Intuitive Facial Unwinding)2019
Numa Breathwork 300 hr training (in practicum)2018/2019
Bodymind Ballwork (Basic and advanced training)2015/2016
Certified Yoga Teacher, RYT 5002009
Holding Space Facilitator2017/2018
Circle Way Host/Practicum2017
Adult Education Certificate2004
Medical Laboratory Technologist1994


Leading Group Classes & Private SessionsSince
Bodymind Ballwork2015
Numa BreathworkDec 2018
SomaSensing Somatic MovementAug 2019

Contact Information.

NameJoy Onyschak
Phone 204-918-2829
Forms(a downloadable link gets emailed with confirmation at time of booking).

Here to Help.

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