Lisa Kehler

Registered Dietitian, Food Freedom Coach (RD)

Does it feel like food planning and dieting has taken over your life? Struggling with constant hunger, overwhelming cravings and worry about losing control around food? Do tough emotions drive you to the fridge? Is your eating chaotic swaying between restricting and binging? Do life decisions revolve around food, points, weight or how you feel about your body? Move only to “earn and burn” your food?

If you’re exhausted from all of this and ready for real and lasting change I can show you how. Learn to eat naturally without diet plans in a way that leaves you feeling better, not worse physically or emotionally. Use the time, energy and money you save to do the things that really light you up and bring you joy (we’ll figure that part out too).

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How I can help.

I combine gentle nutrition to help end chaotic eating and balance nutrition, mindful eating tools so you can learn to trust your body to tell you what and how much to eat, new coping tools for difficult emotions so you don’t have to turn to cake and chips and the power of health and wellness coaching to harness your strengths for the journey and create a vision for true well-being for all of you…on and off your plate.

My story.

My passion is to support women in finding their own path to food freedom and vitality. I know the stress of constantly regretting what you ate and obsessing over what you’re going to eat next. And the shame and fear that comes with feeling totally out of control around food. My approach is rooted in a whole-person view, compassion, non-judgement, respect, reliable information and a non-diet/health at every size philosophy. No judgement if you are having reservations about giving up dieting and just want to explore together.


  • Binge Eating
  • Mindful Eating
  • Emotional Eating

Areas I can assist with.

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Women’s nutrition
  • Structured eating/ending chaotic eating
  • Body image
  • Health at every size
  • Non diet approach
  • Healthy weight for your unique body
  • Healthy relationship with food
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Disordered eating in adult and middle-age women

Therapies offered.

  • Food Freedom Coaching
  • General (non-therapeutic) Nutrition Counselling
  • General Health and Wellness coaching
  • Heart Yoga Teacher


I found Lisa and Off Your Plate Nutrition through a web search and her individualized approach really resonated with me. Lisa is a skilled coach who helped me to gain insight into the difference between emotional hunger and true hunger.
Her guidance helped me to finally end the restrict, binge, repeat cycle I was stuck in for so many years. I have happily said goodbye to diets. I now trust myself to monitor and respond to real hunger and to meet my emotional needs without food. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in making a long-term change.
K.P. // Client

You have a lot to offer women who are struggling with being mindful with food and being gentle with themselves. The part about being kind to myself and not beating myself up about eating really stuck with me.
Knowing I can eat whatever I want, as long as I know why I’m eating it and what the feeling is behind it. I’m not focusing on weight so much as being happy with myself and doing things I enjoy instead of eating.
K.W. // Client

She compassionately, with brilliant insightfulness uses her many years of intense studies and practices, to masterfully coach you through the life changing awareness and knowledge of Mindful eating practices. This becomes an intuitive, life balancing way to healthfully nourish our body, mind and ultimately spirit. Lisa is a master at this delicate art. Truly, my life and feelings around food, now have a fresh positive place in my inner psyche. Diets are archaic, Mindful eating is forever.
M.C. // Client

“I feel like we poked around the remnants of an old smoking fire and found a small ember. I thought my fire was dead and now it’s coming back. I have hope again. Our talk has reconnected me with the hope for a better me.”
B.C. // Client

“I’m finally free of this tyranny and can enjoy being in the kitchen again.”
H.K. // Client


Average cost per session$110/hr
Sliding scaleNo
Free 20 minute consultation?Yes. By phone.
Accepted payment methodsPaypal, e-transfer, cheque
Accepts coverage?No direct billing
Accepted Insurance PlansN/A
Liability Insurance provider and expiration dateProlink March 31/19


Year Graduated1996 University/1997 Internship
CredentialsRegistered dietitian since 1997
Licensed by College of Dietitians of Manitoba
Member of Dietitians of Canada
Wellcoaches trained Health and Wellness Coach
Am I Hungry trained mindful eating facilitator

Contact information.

Here to Help.

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