H. Luella Sinha

Relational Energy Therapy/Reflexology

Let’s sit here for a few minutes and you can fill me in on what is happening in your life.

This will give us a focus for where to starting dealing with what has brought you here today. When you feel safe and confident in an environment then it is possible to deal with the issues you face.

How I can help.

We are each surrounded by a field of energy that helps to keep our body functioning and brings in information about the world around us. Traumatic events may disrupt this smooth flow of energy. Energy healing can help to move stagnant or blocked energy so that healing can take place.

My story.

Each person has their own unique story. I have found that whenever I fail to deal with some difficult or painful event, it always comes back at a later time and must be dealt with before I can move on in my journey. Therapists I have worked with have often provided a different perspective and changing my perception creates space for new choices.

Life outside the office.

Walking – enjoying nature, reading, volunteering at HSC, attending theatre and symphony


  • Chakra & Energy Field Clearing
  • Pain Relief
  • Relationship Issues

Areas I can assist with.

  • Energy field cleaning
  • Blocked energy
  • Chronic illness
  • Energy enhancement
  • Pre and post operative healing
  • Balancing energy
  • Relationship issues
  • Spirituality
  • Decision making

Therapies offered.

  • Listening
  • Individualistic
  • Solution focused
  • Positive focus


ClienteleAdults, English only
Average cost per session$80/session (1.5hrs) + GST
Sliding scaleNo
Free 20 minute consultation? (Phone or in person)Yes
Accepted payment methodsCash, cheque, e-transfer
Accepts coverageNo
Liability Insurance provider and expiration dateLacker, McLennan October 2019

Additional credentials.

Reflxology Association of Canada2008
Relational Energy Therapy2013


“I never knew it was possible to go so high and so deep at the same time”


Years in Practice17
SchoolBarbara Brennan School of Healing
Year Graduated2002
SchoolUniversity of Manitoba (Masters of Arts – Psychology)
Year Graduated1982
SchoolUniversity of Manitoba (Bachelor of Nursing )
Year Graduated1979

Contact information.

Here to Help.

Episode 7: Relational Energy Therapy with Luella Sinha

written by H. Luella Sinha on 09/10/19

Do you ever wonder what makes some relationships relaxed and stimulating while others are difficult and drain your energy? From the time we are born we begin connecting to and forming relationships with important people in our lives. These relationships become an important part of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and development. Life […]

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