Marshall & Gail Garland

Certified QiGong Instructors; Certified Tai Chi Instructor (Marshall)

1. Learn a series of self health exercises, easy to learn, yet proven to yield beneficial results without the need for pharmaceuticals.

2. Become aware of your body - your bones, joints, muscles, and tendons - and how focused breathing and gentle movement bring each of us to improved health.

3. Meditative movement with focused, directed breathing brings improved mental relaxation, balanced emotions, and overall improved health for a better quality of life.

Our story.

Having personally reduced or eliminated the need for drugs, and having personally felt the physical and psychological benefits of Therapeutic QiGong and Tai Chi, we want to help others become familiar with their own bodies, to be more aware of their abilities, and to improve their health in a safe manner.

Life outside the office.

When Gail isn’t puttering in the garden or working on a crochet project, you’ll probably find her in the kitchen, up to her elbows baking her favourite specialties.

Marshall enjoys indoor, mosquito-free bonsai, walking Lucas, his Shih Tzu sidekick, and educating himself in the fascinating world of self healing. He is also the Chinese newsletter editor for a Winnipeg acupuncture clinic.


QiGong has been shown to promote physical, mental, and emotional healing, as well as a calm mind and spirit.

Tai Chi has been shown to promote long-term good physical and mental health.

Areas we can assist with.

  • Balance
  • Breathing
  • Stress relief
  • Calming the mind
  • Posture
  • Head aches
  • Back aches
  • Sore muscles
  • Stiff joints
  • Flexibility
  • General well being

Therapeutic approaches offered.

  • Therapeutic QiGong (18-move Liangong Shi Ba Fa)
  • QiGong for Emotional Balance
  • QiGong for Energy
  • Easy Tai Chi


For those who struggle with physical challenges (with their doctor’s approval), those who are looking for emotional balance, or those who are looking for relaxation. All may benefit from this body and breath coordinated movement.


Average Cost per sessionVaries according to course
Private classes$35/hr
Methods of payment acceptedcash, cheque, etransfer, PayPal


Marshall Garland

  • Certificates from: Dr. Aihan Kuhn Natural Healing Education, Sarasota FL
  • Tai Chi, certified instructor, Yang Style, 24-Form Simplified (“Beijing Form”) Therapeutic QiGong, certified instructor: levels 1 and 2
  • QiGong instructor specialized, certified: level 3


Gail Garland

  • Certificates from: Dr. Aihan Kuhn Natural Healing Education, Sarasota FL
  • Therapeutic QiGong, certified instructor: levels 1 and 2


Marshall Garland

Tai Chi20+ years practice, 3+ years teaching
QiGong (various)20+ years practice; 3+ years teaching Therapeutic QiGong


Gail Garland

Therapeutic QiGong4 years practice, 3+years teaching

Additional Credentials.

Tai Chi and Qigong Healing Institute
QiGong Institute

Contact Information.

Here to Help.

Episode 15: Qi Gong with Gail and Marshall Garland

written by Marshall & Gail Garland on 21/11/19

QiGong means energy training or energy work. It is a form of exercise that includes Tai Chi, and is one of the five pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The easy moves are based on the body’s ability to co-ordinate movement, breathing, and mental focus for personal healing and health. There are several different types of […]

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