Rebecca Froese

Massage Therapy (RMT, BSc)

Deepen your mind-body connection by taking time to relax, tune in to sensation, and receive care.

Conversations with Safe Harbour Therapy
68 – Tuning into our Breath with Dynamic Posture with Rebecca Froese, Registered Massage Therapist

My Story.

I have been curious about the natural world and where/how humans fit into it since childhood. My passion for learning about living systems has led me to so many opportunities and challenges, from organic farming and tree planting to studying Environmental Science, to my current massage therapy practice and beyond. Every human has a body with which to move through the world – finding comfort and ease in my own body through exertion, rest, and mindfulness inspires me to support others on the journey to wellness.

Life outside the office.

I value spending time with loved ones, keeping my houseplants happy, keeping myself healthy with regular activity (running and bodyweight exercise like pilates are my current jam!) and rest (napping, eating take-out, and Netflix!), and challenging myself to continue learning about personal, social, and environmental health.


  • Swedish massage therapy
  • Joint mobilization
  • Dermoneuromodulation

Therapeutic approaches offered.

I use the nervous system as a framework to understand the effects of massage therapy. Your body makes changes in habitual muscle tension and perceptions of discomfort when you feel comfortable and safe. My role is to maintain a safe environment for you, and to provide your nervous system with new information through touch and movement.

I incorporate myofascial techniques, joint mobilizations, and dermoneuromodulation into a foundation of Swedish massage, using deeper pressure as indicated and within comfort. We work together to find a level of pressure and range of movement that is comfortable and relieving! I offer suggestions for stretches, exercises, and activities as well – your self-care doesn’t end when you leave your appointment!


Rate$80 for 60 min, other appointment lengths available
Methods of payment acceptedDirect billing, e-Transfer, cash, cheque


Robertson College (Massage Therapy)2017
University of Winnipeg (Environmental Science)2015
Experience2+ years Massage Therapy

Here to Help.

68 – Tuning into our Breath with Dynamic Posture with Rebecca Froese, Registered Massage Therapist

written by Rebecca Froese on 17/12/20

What is important to know about breathing? The most important thing to know about breathing is that if you are doing it right now, you are already doing a good job! That may sound trite, but we tend to put all kinds of pressure on ourselves to do everything right, and breathing shouldn’t become another […]

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60 – Planning your next Massage with Rebecca Froese

written by Rebecca Froese on 15/10/20

Massage therapy is a powerful tool for mind and body care, but it can be difficult to know what amount and type of massage is right for you. Luckily, Massage Therapists are trained professionals who can talk to you about your reasons for seeking massage therapy and your goals, and can propose the treatment plan […]

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47 – Taking care of your nervous system using Massage Therapy with Rebecca Froese

written by Rebecca Froese on 17/07/20

What is dermoneuromodulation? It’s simpler than it sounds! Let’s break down the word: “dermo” means skin. “Neuro” refers to your nervous system. And “modulation” means change. So dermoneuromodulation, or DNM, means contacting the skin and stimulating the nervous system to create change. All manual therapy involves the skin and the nervous system by default. DNM […]

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