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Safe Harbour Therapy offers services within each of the 7 dimensions of wellness so you can find balance and well-being in your life.

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66 – Using our Intuition to Cope in a Crisis with Elizabeth Dvergsten

written by Elizabeth Dvergsten on 03/12/20

In times of crisis – and a pandemic is certainly a crisis! – it is important to slow down, take pause, and check in with ourselves.  How am I doing? How am I feeling?  How am I coping with the stress and pressure I’m experiencing right now?   This type of check-in provides an opportunity […]

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65 – Welcoming Natalie Koleric

written by Natalie Koleric on 26/11/20

I am a marriage and family therapist (MFT) – but I don’t only work with married people and families! It’s a deceiving title. I work with all people; individuals, people in intimate relationships and families. Being trained as an MFT means I specialize in the area of relationships. With individuals we focus on the relationship […]

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64 – Eco-Art Therapy: Supporting the Journey with Jess Winnicki

written by Jessica Winnicki on 19/11/20

“Look deep into nature, and then you will know everything better.”~Albert Einstein Today I wanted to bring you a brief overview of eco-art therapy, some of the background and theory,  describe how nature can be a container and support for us, the potential benefits of eco-art therapy, as well as bring you information from a […]

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