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Safe Harbour Therapy is a professional wellness centre dedicated to providing you with a circle of care to relieve stress: body, mind, and soul.


Safe Harbour Therapy offers services within each of the 7 dimensions of wellness so you can find balance and well-being in your life.

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Safe Harbour Therapy is comprised of an eclectic team of dedicated, independent professionals who care about your well-being.

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Episode 28 – Diet Culture with Lisa Kehler

written by Lisa Kehler on 20/02/20

WHY CHALLENGE DIET CULTURE? Diet culture is a manufactured way of seeing the world where the shape, size and weight of a body is more important than its physical health or the mental health and wellness of the person residing in that body. Diet culture diminishes our personal power by promoting a widespread message creating […]

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Episode 27: Life after Loss with Julie Long

written by Julie Long on 13/02/20

Life is inherent with loss and suffering. So how do we cope with loss when we feel like we can barely survive it? Everyone experiences loss whether it’s a an injury or health diagnosis that changes the way you’re able to live your life; maybe it’s the death of a loved one; perhaps it’s being […]

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Episode 26: Community: The Missing Link in Mental Health Treatment with Jenna Hamm

written by Jenna Hamm on 06/02/20

One of the concepts that I talk about a lot in my clinical practice is ‘safety signals’: feelings, words, and symbols that you can focus on to shift your internal experience towards comfort and security. I use exercises like grounding, which involves activating all five senses and noticing that the environment that you’re in is […]

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