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Safe Harbour Therapy offers services within each of the 7 dimensions of wellness so you can find balance and well-being in your life.

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Safe Harbour Therapy is comprised of an eclectic team of dedicated, independent professionals who care about your well-being.

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46 – EMDR Therapy with Andrea Klepatz

written by Andrea Klepatz on 06/07/20

Has the Covid-19 pandemic triggered you to think, feel, or act in ways that feel unmanageable? Do you feel stuck and need some help to get back to the way you moved through life before covid? What is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)?EMDR is is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been researched extensively […]

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45 – Doula Birthing Support with Lori Pohl

written by Lori Pohl on 26/06/20

Working together to facilitate an empowered, satisfying birthing experience. What is a doula? A birth doula is a trained professional support person who provides physical, emotional and informational support to birthing families during pregnancy, birth and early postpartum. Why would someone see a doula? People hire doulas for a variety of reasons. Some hire doulas […]

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44 – Honouring and Setting Boundaries with Julie Long

written by Julie Long on 19/06/20

“A Boundary is a Limit that Protects Integrity.” Anne Katherine Covid 19 has shifted our lives in many different ways. These shifts have challenged us to adapt to new ways of moving through the world. Whether it’s working from home alongside your children, partner, and furry family members or maybe it’s working with different technology […]

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